Dune: Awakening – Release, Beta, Gameplay and More About the New Survival MMO

What do we understand regarding courses, weapons and also fight system?
In Dune: String up there will certainly be no set courses.
Nevertheless, you can obtain different play styles, for instance as a melee with superhuman pressures or as a varied boxer with firearms.
To do this, you will find out numerous skills and also boost them by regularly inserting.
To make special tools, you need to find schemes for it.
Some need to be really uncommon.
You often have to run to another player that has the recipe if you want to have this weapon.
That must enhance the communication.
On the whole, the crafting need to be much less reliant on Tech-Trees than is the instance with Conan Exiles.
In larger battles, tanks or flight devices such as the ornithopters need to also be utilized.
What do you say concerning Dune: Awakening?
Does the game idea as well as the world charm to you?
What do you like and what less?
Like to write it in the remarks.
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