The Last of Us for PC: Price, Launch, Requirements and More – All You Need to Know Before its Debut in 2023!

The Last of Us for PC: Price, Launch, Requirements and More – All You Need to Know Before its Debut in 2023!

The Last of US will finally make its PC debut in 2023. The game was originally released for the PlayStation 3 and recently arrived at PS5.
At the same time, Joel and Ellie’s electrifying journey at the audiovisual has the biggest debut of HBO Max.
But what step is the production of the new version of the game?
Then stay on top of everything we know so far about the Naughty Dog game.
Price, release date, minimum requirements, gameplay and more!

Release date of

The game was scheduled to be released on the platform on March 3, 2023. But it seems that the intention of Naughty Dog and Sony is to enjoy the hype of the series, whose first season ends on March 12.
For this reason, the release of the game was postponed to March 28.
The time interval is enough for the new fans of the series to finish the story before leaving for the game.
As it is two different perspectives of the same adventure, it will be easier to separate from each other and enjoy the best of the narrative.


Despite what it seems, Naughty Dog said the new date was determined for the game to be the time of the developer’s own franchise fans.


The game is now available for pre-sale at Steam and Epic Games Store for $249.90.
By purchasing the game before release, the gamer ensures advantageous extra features.
They are: supplements that help in survival and extra weapons that will integrate the rest of the arsenal.


As the PC version was based on the PS5 game, the edition is expected to be similar to the 2022 Remaster Version.
Of thou and shows the evolution of the characters.

What will be the minimum requirements?

The minimum system requirements to play thou on the PC have not yet been released by Naughty Dog.

Fans of the series expect the specifications to be similar to those of the latest games released by Sony for PC.
MGG will update the information about the requirements as soon as it is defined by the developer.
Keep an eye!

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