2nd Country Update: Discover the Temple and Battle Rank System For An Epic Adventure

2nd Country Update: Discover the Temple and Battle Rank System For An Epic Adventure

Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) announced on the 3rd that it has updated new contents ‘Temple’ and ‘Battle Rank System’ to emotional adventure RPG ‘2nd Country: Cross Worlds’ (Developer Net marble Neo).

‘Temple of Temple’ is a new 5: 5 battlefield, and PVP and EVE are mixed, making it a different fun from the existing drew content.

The ‘Temple Great Street’ battlefield is created, and the team that has more to kill and hold ‘the energy of the temple’ will win.
The acquisition of the ‘Temple’s Energy’ can be used in various variables, such as attacking and taking away the opposing team in addition to the monster treatment.

With this update, there will be a total of three types of dull strings (▲ temple Delhi, lava goal, and sky island bleeding).

‘Battle Rank’ is a system that obtains various rewards through combat power and mission frame.
Achieving a certain level of combat power provides a variety of rewards such as diamonds, ride skins, and portrait frames.

In addition, Net marble has expanded the highest level of Kingdom (kind of guild) and improved improvement to lower play fatigue.


Net marble will hold a new attendance check event until the 16th.
If you connect to the game period, you can get popular items such as 2,222 diamonds, as well as ‘a mysterious liquid doll’ and ‘Image Summon Ticket’.

In addition, in February, the wanderer muse appears twice as fast as the 22-day muse audit event, where sales of some limited products doubles the sales volume.
In addition, ‘2 types of crystals for ★ 4 PVP’ and ‘★ 6 jewelry selection box’ will be held.

‘Second Country’ is a work that reinterprets the fantasy RPG ‘Ninokuni’ as a mobile RPG, which is collaborated with the level five and studio Ghibli. The new world view of the original film is based on 3D graphics based on cartoon rendering methods based on the theater animation.
It offers fun as if you were watching.

More information can be found on the official site and the official forum.

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