Olaf: A Comprehensive Hunters Guide To Playing The Berserker In Season 13 Of League Of Legends

Olaf: A Comprehensive Hunters Guide To Playing The Berserker In Season 13 Of League Of Legends

See our guide to Olaf play as a hunter at League of Legends during season 13.
Keep in mind that this guide is not fixed for any and all games-each has its own particularities-and the runes and builds to use with Berserker need to be adapted to each match.
This guide on how to play by Olaf Hunter at LOL’s Season 2023 is a direction.

Olaf Runes in League of Legends

Olaf’s best runes to play on the jungle route in the 13th season of League of Legends.


It is currently the most used.

Initial items and best boots for Olaf in League of Legends

We suggest buying the following initial items to get an advantage playing Olaf in LOL season 13.

MITIC Olaf Item in League of Legends

The best mythical item for using Olaf playing on the jungle route on LOL’s Season 2023 is:

Complete Olaf Builds in League of Legends

Players are currently following the following itemization for Olaf.
But remember: Each match has its uniqueness and cutting items, magic resistance or others may be more necessary.
Be aware of the match-up.
HEMODRENARY allows fighters to escape death by healing item assets: thirsty cut, as well as increased attack damage when injured.
The Streak signal allows fighters to get in the fight while having better survival capacity, as well as additional damage.


In this section you will find our advice on how to prioritize your skills playing with Olaf as a hunter.
Depending on the situation, sometimes you may prefer to prioritize a different skill.

Best Summoner Spells for Olaf in League of Legends

Following are the two most commonly used summoner spells by players with Olaf on the Jungle Route.
They may vary depending on your style of play, match-up etc.

How to play by Olaf Jungle in League of Legends

Olaf is one of the hunters who can finish the whole jungle quickly.

Be Low while still alive to further increase you’re cleaning of the jungle fields.

Example of the jungle route:

  • Blue
  • Wolves
  • Accounts
  • Red
  • Golems
  • Arongajo

Champion’s objective

Like Olaf, you should make the most of the moment of the game where you are stronger (after the first back of the base and before closing your 2 items).
After this moment, you will not have so many possibilities and the champions of enemy damage can knock it very quickly.

Tips and tricks to play from Olaf in League of Legends

  • It is more interesting to use R-Ragnarok once the fight has already begun than saving to optimize the duration of the activation of the spell.
    Be careful not to use this ability when you are already under the enemy’s control, do it first.
  • Consider taking your ax right after launching the Q-ressaca to reduce cooling time.
    In the jungle, throw it near you, so you just have to take a small step to catch it.
  • Wolves harmful grant you speed of attack and life theft.
    So if you have little life, you can become a true war machine against an enemy that no longer has the resources to end you.
  • With Olaf, do not be afraid of death;
    Take advantage of your damage status to inflict maximum damage to the enemy team.
    This guide used the statistics gathered in the localities and U.GG portals.

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