Exploring The Rumors: Is Accessing The Camera Of Secrets Possible In Hogwarts Legacy?

Exploring The Rumors: Is Accessing The Camera Of Secrets Possible In Hogwarts Legacy?

We are very little time to receive Hogwarts Legacy in current generation and PC consoles, and this makes fans already think about the possibilities about what they will be able to explore.
And due to certain not-so-clear leaks, there has been talk of the possibility of being able to explore the chamber of the secrets of the castle.
However, the developers themselves have mentioned that it does not make much sense that this place can be explored, since our character will live their own adventure in the 1800s. And the first time an heir of Salazar Slytherin opened the camera was Lord’s
Voldemort, who opened that place in 1943, so what we will live has not yet born.
That means that somehow for those moments the basilisk of the interior will be asleep, because the legacy of the director of the Slytherin house has not released it to start ending with students children of Muggles.

Even so, it is possible that players talk about him in classes, especially his house chosen by the user is that of Slytherin.


Avalanche has promised that the events are going to fit with the Lore of Harry Potter, so there will be no inconsistencies, so the secret chamber will probably not open.
Perhaps you can only reach the stone face that is the door, since it appears in the most recent trailer of the game, but surely it will not be able to access.
Remember that Hogwarts Legacy is launched on February 10.
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Editor’s note: Even when this place cannot be visited, many are excited about the idea of going to other places such as Hogsmeade, the ranger cabin and even the forbidden forest.
Of course, there will be no quidditch games.

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