New Weapons In Vampire Survivors: Legacy Of The Moonspell DLC

New Weapons In Vampire Survivors: Legacy Of The Moonspell DLC

Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell DLC added several new types of weapons to the name similar to blush.
Here’s how to launch every evolution of weapons in a large update, as well as everything you need to know about how to unlock powerful unions.


What is every evolution of weapons in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell?

Surviving vampires: the legacy of the lunar spell added six weapons evolutions that you can unlock.
As in previous updates, all new weapons are developing by combining it with past objects in the main game, such as a duplicate or stone mask.
After you brought to the maximum both necessary items in the chain of unions, evolution can be found in the accidental loss of the chest during running.
Below is a complete list of ingredients of each new weapon evolution in add-on of Legacy of the Moon spell.
The evolution of the silver wind: Silver wind 8 levels + summarily level 5 create festive winds.
The evolution of Fours Seasons: 8th level Four Seasons + 5th level of Candelabra + 5th spinach level creates God Shuffle.
The evolution of the call of night: Summon Night 8 + Duplicator level 2 creates Echo Night.
The evolution of the mirage mantle: Mirage Robe LEVEL 8 + Attract orb LEVEL 5 creates MOORE.
The evolution of the sword of the night: a sword of the level of level 8 + stone mask of level 5 create Dramas.
The evolution of Mile Boyle Blu: Mile Boyle Blu Level 8 + Spellbinder Level 5 creates Boo Too Boole.

To start a quest that opens up a new evolution of weapons, must first find a lunar spell open in a coffin on Mount.
After you unlock Ming and turn its weapon with a silver wind into festive winds, this will cause a long line of weapons quests Vampire Survivors 108 Bonce, which will ultimately give you access to all six evolution.
Although 108 Bonce is also part of the DLC Legacy of the Moon spell, in fact it does not develop, since it does not have a union.
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