LOL: CAPS Returns To Take The Debate On The World Cup Of Selections

LOL: CAPS Returns To Take The Debate On The World Cup Of Selections

The League of Legends World Cup by countries is one of the hottest wet dreams of a large sector of the community.
Not only of fans, but also of professional Mob players.
The last one to get this topic is CAPS, the current G2 ESports media, which spoke on this topic on a direct on Twitch.
The context is more than perfect, since few hours ago the World Cup in which one of the best matches in the history of this event was lived.
Caps was in the lives with Sondergaard, another Danish league player.
The G2 ESports media talked about his desire to compete one day in a World League of Legends.

The clip, which we will put below is in Danish, so we had to pull the purest translator style to try to replicate the message of Rasmus Winter to the letter.

Denmark could form a team only with media

These are CAPS’s words about a possible world championship by countries: The World Cup of Selections would be a real banger. There would also be a lot of undervalued teams; as can be the case of the German national team.


One of the countries, not counting China or Korea, which might surprise is Sweden, which would have Larsen and Reckless in his team.
Speaking of CAPS, one of the powerful teams at European level, not counting the aforementioned Sweden or Poland, would be the Danish.
Of course, they could almost mount their quintet with media, since both Jensen and Bergen are from this country.
Santorini or Under could complete the quintet of this country.
Finally, it’s time to talk about the possible Spanish team, who would you align?
We leave you this quintet, and you leave us in the comments what your options would be to play that World Cup: Martin, Eloy, Razor, Flanked and Alvaro.

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