The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection confirmed on PS4 and Switch

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection confirmed on PS4 and Switch

Square Enix revealed that the first six Final Fantasy games will be remastered in HD and released on today’s consoles of PS4 and Switch. The publisher announced this news at a Tokyo event to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the legendary series.

As part of a big program celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Last Fantasy saga, Square Enix confirmed that the remasters of the very first 6 opera will be offered in the spring of 2023 on PS4 and Switch.
Minimal physical editions have actually also been revealed.
Currently offered on PC, iOS and Android, the 6 games in the Pixel Remaster range will therefore be available to PS4 and Switch gamers in the existing spring.
Last Fantasy I, Last Dream II, Final Dream III, Final Fantasy IV, Last Fantasy V and Last Fantasy VI will be offered separately for download or all collected in a pack, which will probably not be provided considering that this same pack costs 74,
82 euros on Steam counting the reduction.


The cost of pixel completely inflation

It is also extremely near to the price of 74.99 euros displayed by the basic physical edition offered in pre-order on the Square Enix store.

But the one that will be talked about is the anniversary edition that attempts a rate of 274.99 euros.
For the price of a console, this collector contains a vinyl record of the soundtrack rearranged under the supervision of Noble Seats, an art book, 8 stylized figurines in pixel art as well as a lenticular pocket.
Begin, make an effort, we are not every day 35 years.
Remember that the games of the Pixel Remaster range deal graphics, music and a reworked interface along with brand-new comfort options (automated combat, manual backup) and supplements like bestiary, the gallery of illustrations and the music player.

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