Is High on Life In Game Pass?

Is High on Life In Game Pass?

Do you want to know if High on Life is at Xbox Game Pass?
This new game of the creator of Rick and Morty, Justin Roland, was revealed during Xbox Showcase, and fans could not get enough of the strange and wonderful game that was revealed.
We have everything you need to know about when it will come out and much more here.

High on Life came out in Game Pass?

The answer is yes;
High on Life arrived at the Xbox, PC and cloud consoles on October 25, 2022, as a release of the first day for Xbox Game Pass.
Anyone who is looking to play the game can do it now on any of the previous platforms with the service;
Just be sure to have at least 8 GB of memory to download and play almost immediately.
That will do that for everything you need to know about whether High on Life is available on Xbox Game Pass.


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