New World: Amazon Gives away Cool Winter Skin. Bock on a cool free skin in New World? Amazon gives away

New World: Amazon Gives away Cool Winter Skin. Bock on a cool free skin in New World? Amazon gives away

Winter convergence has actually begun in New World, and appropriately you can get many benefits in winter towns by exchanging brands.


You can also get an elegant skin without making a finger crooked-to put a wintry strike ax and the glittering bundle-emote!
We’ll tell you how simple you get to the complimentary Twitch drop.

New World: Switching on the big deer for free

The special skin for the two-handed ax in New World depends on the winter convergence visual appeals, appropriately you will find materials, skins, crystals and wooden ornaments, but also the antlers of a deer can be found on the ax head and at the end of the deal with: The disagreement ax
The big deer is offered totally free of charge as a Twitch drop until January 2, 2023-let a stream run for 4 hours!
Source: Amazon Games

How do you get Jerk Drops in New World?

In order to get the skin Straight of the Grove Hirsch, you initially visit to Jerk.
Then you connect the Twitch account with your Steam account, over which you play New World (purchase now EUR 39.99).
The corresponding links for this are readily available on the main site for New World.
If you now wish to open the Twitch drop Winter convergence camp with the ax and emote, you can just take a look at any Twitch stream to New World by January 2, 2023, who have actively had Jerked drops-the streams already point out in
If you have viewed a total of four hours on New World Streams on Twitch, this goes without noise and in the background-you can open the excellent strike ax for your hero in Sternum.
The progress and the activation itself can be found in your Twitch stock.

There you need to select up the gift from the designers, i.e. add a click of your account when the 4 hours have ended.
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