5 Changes Coming To ARAM In The Preseason

5 Changes Coming To ARAM In The Preseason

The 5 changes coming to ARM are being previewed by the Riot Games team. This article will go through the changes, including what they are and why they’re happening.

ARM Clash will range from Saturday, Dec. 10, to Sunday, Dec. 11, enabling either or both days of competitors for your squad.

On the back of Arms most significant modifications and balance tweaks in years, Riot is offering gamers a chance to delight in the renowned video game mode this weekend in the Preseason.

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This Clash, unlike previous ones, will be free-to-enter, indicating no purchase of a Clash ticket of any kind is needed, whether via Riot Points or Blue Essence. Rather, gamers can choose to enter with a more expensive ticket, but just for much better potential rewards.

Registration is now live, so assemble the homies and prepare yourself to take ARM way more seriously than you ever believed possible.

Various from traditional Clash competitions, each team will get to play 3 video games regardless of results in an eight-team bracket. Higher-achieving groups will receive better benefits, but all individuals will get a special ARM Clash icon at minimum.


The very first day of action will start at 7pm CT on Saturday with that days lock-in stage. Sundays tournament will include the same structure, other than with the lock-in being somewhat earlier at 6:15 pm CT instead.

To sign up for ARM Clash, select Clash at the real top of the League client and register your teams name, abbreviation, and logo. These can be changed until the lock-in stage, and you don’t need to have actually invited your entire roster simply.

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