The best Faruzan assembly in Genshin Impact – weapons, artifacts and much more!

The best Faruzan assembly in Genshin Impact – weapons, artifacts and much more!

Tarzan is a scientist Hara vat Darshan, whose works are widespread in the modern academy.
Once she disappeared after she was exposed to the remains of the power of the Scarlet King, and appeared a hundred years later in a completely different stool.
Now Tarzan is a mentor for students experiencing difficulties with mechanics lessons.
She is a four-star onion user AEMO, which was specially created to support DPS units of the same element.
Here are our recommendations on how to build it.

Assembly Guide Genshin Impact Faruzan-Faruzan play style

Tarzan is a support unit that specializes in strengthening the other characters of ANEMF.
Both her Elemental Skill and Burst can destroy the resistance of the enemies, but only if they successfully strike.
It is able to generate AEMO particles and can increase AEMO damage depending on her basic attack.
Despite the fact that Tarzan has a powerful set of buffs, for effective use it requires the right time and place.
Tarzan has mechanics of a charged attack for the use of buffs, and it is as awkward as Duo Sarah.
You can solve this problem, only bring it to CD any active character can apply collapse under pressure (AEMO BROW), while the Elements of Tarzan is active.

Best Artifacts for Tarzan in Genshin Impact

Tarzan is an energy-moving character, taking into account its high-cost Elemental Burst (80 Energy).
We recommend using sands to reload Persian Cup of damage or attack anemia of the diadem of attack or a critical blow.
She requires more than 200 percent of reloading of energy in order to be able to constantly use her explosion.
The nobility obliges-a simple choice that gives the group an additional buff of an attack from a bonus of 4 items.


However, make sure that this is equipped with only one member of the team, since the effect is not summarized.
The exile is an excellent choice if you do not have enough energy, but offers low general statistics due to the fact that this is a 3-star set.
The resistance of Miller (only if C6)-Buff of a spontaneous skill Fraulein comes into force, even if it is activated by other characters, the advantage is applicable only when it is at the level of C6.
Nevertheless, when doing this, you can continue to activate the strengthening of the attack and the shield of 4 parts of this set.
Since Tarzan is a support, it also works well with a combination of sets of 2 items to get bonuses such as AEMO’s Damage (Pink Venusre and Chronicle of the Desert Pavilion), the percentage of the attack (the memoirs of Shimenava and the final of the gladiator) or energy reloading (destroyed fate).
And exile).

The best weapon for Tarzan in Genshin Impact

The weapon affects the basic attack of Tarzan, so it is recommended to target a weapon with a high basic attack.
In addition, you can compensate for some of its energy needs using weapons with an additional characteristic of energy reloading.
Five-star options
Elegy to the end
Four-star options
Livonia fighting onion (the best in the slot)
Sacrificial bow
Fading twilight
End of the line

The best teammates for Tarzan in Genshin Impact

Tarzan is a niche support character that was created to support certain units of AEMO DPS.

The following characters can benefit from its presence in the team:
Shimano Bayou
Check out our Genshin Impact Tarzan farming guide here in Pro Game Guides to start collecting materials for Madame Tarzan.

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