Roller drama Management SIM in the new gameplay

Roller drama Management SIM in the new gameplay

Roller drama is a mix of Visual Novel and Sports Management by Open Laboratory Games (Football Drama), in which a group of scooter derby professional athletes in the middle of the social collapse causes victory!
The title has received a gameplay trailer and will stand for PC, Change, iOS and Android in early 2023 and will also be available for PlayStation 4 and 5 along with Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.
Roller drama is a Mashup game that combines visual unique and sports management!
A team of scooter derby athletes causes triumph by utilizing their method and real-time control to beat the competitors.


Outside the ring, you have to handle 5 large personalities who have to handle friendship, heartache and the gradual collapse of late capitalist society.
Your decisions and the result of each video game affect the group’s last fate.
Interactive story with a number of outputs and sensible alternatives
Living, investigated universe
Roller derby video games in genuine time
Coach a group of five professional athletes with really various characters
Improve the skills of your team with time
Hand-drawn characters from the award-winning illustrator Vic Mafiosi
Games with controller or mouse + keyboard

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