Is Blizzard with WoW Dragon Flight lastly on the ideal track once again?

Is Blizzard with WoW Dragon Flight lastly on the ideal track once again?

After Shadow lands pulled a lot and dissatisfied a great deal of individuals, fans with Dragon Flight hope for a much better Wow.
Does the new expansion bring the longed-for enhancements?
Mango editor Benedict Grotius states: Yes, however the course still requires a few corrections.
I have been playing since completion of Classic World of Warcraft and my longest break without a membership were a couple of weeks at a time.
I have actually experienced all the low and high of the game myself and, like many others, discover that Shadow land was definitely a deep.
Furthermore, I do not wish to go into it excessive, that would exceed the framework.
The grind… this damn grind after Legendary, artifact power and fame was so strenuous.
With all the tasks I had no time to have fun.
Numerous things felt.
Appropriate hope to put fans of Wow, for whom I count myself, now in Dragon Flight.
Dragon Flight has already inspired me extremely in the Alpha, particularly since it brings more of what WoW used to do so well.


Dragon flight has actually now been released and has actually been playable for a couple of days.
I reached level 70, handled the endgame material and looked at the world on the live servers.
My conclusion after the first few days: Blizzard can still make great MMORPGs.
Hopefully they simply don’t forget how to do it again.
The brand-new growth was released on November 29.
You can find all details about Dragon Flight in our unique, in the video you can see the most crucial functions once again:

wow makes you back and that’s an excellent thing

What does Dragon Flight in fact do so differently than previous add-ons?
Well, that sounds routine, however: it goes back to the roots, only this time truly.
Instead of bringing new systems, old and often long overdue content are overtaken:
Each class has talents again with which really cool builds can be constructed
The UI has been entirely revised and now has options that it ought to have for years
Professions have actually been surpassed from scratch and are now really as essential as they need to have been with Shadow lands
Even with the story, Dragon Flight is currently better than Shadow lands.
The great villain from the shadow lands truly no one torn from the stool.
The nasty flash dragon from Dragon Flight, on the other hand, already has more depth:
For this, Dragon Flight has been without so-called Obtained Power, as we understand it from Legion (Artifact Waffle), BFA (heart of Zeroth) and Shadow lands (Legendary and Components).
Far there is absolutely nothing in Dragon Flight that makes us only in this expansion.
In a way, Blizzard is taking an action back at the time prior to it has such systems and is committed to the features that have already been there.
And not only to utilize them in this expansion.
As the designers revealed to us in an interview, Dragon flight should produce the basis for the future of WoW.
And the way it currently looks like is the plan totally:
Talent trees can be quickly expanded later on and integrated starter builds is no one overwhelmed if he does not wish to handle it
The UI is continued to broaden with brand-new functions, as we have actually already been promised.
What is still possible is completely open
Dragon riding is currently the most popular function of Dragon Flight and some players even hope that it will completely replace normal flies
Dragon Flight had and still had a pretty rumpled start with server problems and bugs, the state of mind in the community is most positive.
There are memes and ridicule of the problems, but up until now the add-on has actually been forgiven.
Dragon flight likes people excessive to be mad with him.
Even experts who have currently played the beta share this opinion and assessment.
One of the biggest German WoW banners informed me in the interview: Dragon flight is believed in the long term which’s a good idea. Now I feature a however…
We recorded what it looked like in a video:

just how much freedom is excessive?

Among the best benefits that Dragon Flight has up until now is the liberty of how to develop.
Anyone who has actually reached level 70 has lots of methods to enhance their character.
Shadow lands pretended: Gather fame.
Farms 2 Legendary.
Total the existing story.
All of this was related to partly lengthy and above all the very same grind.
Even changing between expertises didn’t just work that method.
Dragon Flight leaves you the choice, at least still whether you desire to get equipment through professions, grind mythical dungeons, ray or run PVP.
Even in the open world, there is in some cases more powerful equipment straight to launch than in dungeons.

But there is also a particular issue here.
Anyone who is brand-new might be overwhelmed with what they can do or might feel obliged to go a particular method.
I myself still have absolutely no idea whether the way I utilize my job is the very best.
And I handled it for hours…
On the other hand, this likewise suggests: no matter what you do, everything in some ways get you.
This is rather excellent and with a little adaptation and feedback from the community, whatever can just work.

Blizzard is on the right track, however it’s rocky

To come back to the initial concern: Yes, Blizzard is currently on the ideal track.
However, it is long and is hard, neither for the designers nor for the players.
WoW, has included a lot-and at the exact same time not strong enough.
Wow, merely sight for a long period of time and was kept going to broaden systems that did not truly have fun, but otherwise offered increasingly more of the very same.
At Blizzard there is undoubtedly a rethink.
Where does that come from?
No idea.
Possibly it depends on the upcoming merger with Microsoft, perhaps the sexism scandal has shaken the entire workforce, or maybe the gamers have actually now complained really loudly and constantly enough.
Dragon Flight reveals: WoW is changing.
I completely welcome these modifications, but I still make certain not to fall too much into euphoria.
Above all, since there is a newly established add-on with one for a 2-year-developed add-on with one that is not even a week old.
How excellent Dragon flight truly was can only be stated lastly when the next expansion appears.
Blizzard now has to reveal that you can and wish to keep the course.
I will definitely not inform the designers how they have to work-but I hope that they have actually recognized what Wow is good.
Since WoW has not been as good as now:
WoW has actually craved 12 years, and now Blizzard is doing (practically) whatever right

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