And after that Michael goes, My spouse

And after that Michael goes, My spouse


Years after this tiny blunder, it is still one of the most significant moments in Costs’ career that he wishes he might do over.

During an appearance on The Ringer’s Slow News Day, Costs opened on the interaction he had with Michael Jordan after the Bulls won the 1991 finals. Most notably, how he wrongly referred to MJ’s wife as his mother.

Michael Jordan began his reign as king of the NBA in 1991. After years of falling short in the playoffs, the Chicago Bulls star finally got his team to the NBA Finals. The only thing standing in the way of him and his very first ring was Magic Johnson and the LA Lakers.

Back in 1991, Bob Costs was working for NBC and covering the NBA Finals. He was sent to the Bulls’ locker space after their triumph and continued to have among the most significant mess-ups of his legendary profession.

In the end, the Bulls handled to take down the Lakers and Jordan won his first of 6 championships. This was a huge moment for the future Hall of Famer, and one press reporter practically ruined it.

Michael Jordan and his partner were never ever mad at Bob Costs for his slip up

While some may concur that Jordan and his wife had every right to be mad for what was stated, it seems they didn’t take it personally. Later on in the interview, Costs discussed facing Jordan’s wife not long after the 1991 NBA Finals. He said she was not distressed over the occurrence.

After securing his very first champion in ’91, Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to title wins in ’92 and ’93 to complete the first of 2 three-peats in his career.

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