How to earn Blitz Tix & Blitz Bux in Madden 23

How to earn Blitz Tix & Blitz Bux in Madden 23

The Madden 23 Blitz program is on its way back to Ultimate Team, and in addition to it come two brand-new forms of currency.

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We have actually got all the information you need on how to make Blitz Six and Blitz BUX in addition to what those currencies can be utilized for in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

How to earn Blitz Six and Blitz BUX in Madden 23

Most likely the most reputable, but also most time-sensitive, will be a series of 25 limited time obstacles that can net players approximately 1400 Blitz BUX.

These will be presented 5 at a time with brand-new obstacles going live every 12 hours starting at Midnight ET on Friday, November 25, 2022.


With it being offers season, the Madden 23 Blitz promotion is returning to Ultimate Team as soon as again with some leading rewards up for grabs.


Players will be working towards 2 brand-new types of currency this time by attempting to earn Blitz BUX and Blitz Six through a variety of different approaches.

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The other main approach for getting Blitz BUX will remain in the new Home Guidelines games for this program which will limit you to 2 require a given play as players earn 4 points per sack and 2 points per 15+ backyard pass.

We’ve got more information here about the complete Madden 23 Blitz Program and all the players you’ll be working towards.

What can you use Blitz BUX and Blitz Six for in BUT 23?

When the Madden 23 Blitz program covers up on November 29, any unused Blitz BUX or Blitz Six will be automatically transformed into Training at a 1 to 1 conversion rate.

As an outcome, we suggest using them prior to that time goes out as they’re likely to be better prior to the conversion.

Those Blitz Six will be used to acquire Blitz Champions or Blitz Player Fantasy Packs to strengthen your Ultimate Team.

After you’ve collected your Blitz BUX, they’ll be utilized to acquire packs and players that will include a quick sell to make Blitz Six.

As one other extra bonus, you can earn 1,000 Blitz BUX if you quick sell the brand-new Dane Belton, Jordan Davis, or Bread Persian Blitz cards in BUT 23.


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