LOL: The unwavering champion who can stop the tankss feet next season

LOL: The unwavering champion who can stop the tankss feet next season

The preseason of League of Legends is giving a lot to talk about in every way. On the one hand, we have a new goal that is gradually taking shape as the players discover new Builds with the objects that have arrived or remodeled in this preseason. On the other, champions also persist that despite these additions they are still quite good in all areas.


But in what everyone agrees is that the tanks predominate in many ways the new League of Legends metalware after the arrival of different improvements that make them unstoppable when they put themselves ahead. Champions like Shen, UDR, Fill or even CHO’Path are causing headaches to more than one for their huge endurance in prolonged fights, but there is a champion that aims to be very important to combat these great rivals. And no, we are not talking about Flora (which is also a beast).

Sett and its definitive, vital in front of the tanks

We talked about nothing more and nothing less than Sett, one of the champions that has become a badge of League of Legends in just two years since its appearance in the invoked’s crack. Its skills’ kit is fabulous: it has CC’d, true damage and sufficient mobility to create problems in any line and role of the map. But this time we will focus on what we believe will be decisive if it is used well: its definitive.

The great show is the icing on the champion’s cake, since he lifts an enemy and star against the ground causing damage to rivals close to him according to the life he has. This is when we arrive at a play that the user has shared versionok2035 through Reddit where the boss ends with half enemy team using the rival tank as a weapon of mass destruction.

As you can see in the video, CHO’Path was up to tank objects, so it was an unstoppable beast in the front lane. Although the team was going well in general, the enemy Aphelia could turn the game at any time, so they had to close the game as soon as possible before some scare passed. This is when our beloved Sett arrives.

After going around the jungle, the To planer went straight to the enemy CHO’Path seeing that his teammates had no escape. It is there when, with its final, it exploded to the rival bot lane in the blink of an eye. And that is what we have commented before; The enormous damage that Sett can cause about the enemy team with a tank is crucial in a group fight, and if you add that the tanks will be important in the next season, it is a huge point in favor for the champion.

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