How to question enemies and reveal information on the Map of COD: Warzone 2.0

How to question enemies and reveal information on the Map of COD: Warzone 2.0


Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 is already the new fhion game, and expected, we bring you the best tips and tricks to fully enjoy the Battle Royale of the saga. On this occion we focus on a new function that w not present in the first version of the game: that of interrogating enemies we have killed in combat. A really useful action, since it allows us to opt for the balance and get victorious of many shootings against rival teams.

How to interrogate the enemies in War zone 2.0, and what is it for?

When we play War zone and War zone 2.0 it is very common for us to be in a fight against another enemy squad, entrenched in a house, roof or similar, right? For this reon, it is not strange that an enemy tries to sault us while his companions await in the distance or hide in different places. If we tear it down, we have the instinct to finish it quickly.

However, the function of interrogating in War zone 2.0 is very useful and very few people are realizing. It consists of approaching an enemy dejected, and instead of finishing him, interacting with him (square button on PS5 and PS4 and X in Xbox Series XS and Xbox One) to interrogate him. Bically, it is an immediate action in which we get the information we need, and the result is that their clsmates will be marked with a red point on our map.

So you know: if you manage to reduce an adversary and his teammates are not close, and you can take a couple of seconds, before finishing it, proceed to interrogate it to reveal information about the position of all his companions. It is a really useful function that raises the chances of ending winning the shooting. Of course, if it takes too long and the fallen enemy dies or returns to action using a resuscitation kit, you will lose your opportunity to interrogate it.

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