Pre-Patch Dragonflight The Dishant Storm unfolds on World of Warcraft

Pre-Patch Dragonflight The Dishant Storm unfolds on World of Warcraft


As we understand, the Dragon flight extension will be formally launched on November 29, however as for all the extensions of Wow, the update is preceded by a pre-patch laying the bases (especially narrative) of events coming. The first part of this pre-patch was released on October 26 and the second is now available on MMORPG live servers. Blizzard takes the chance to release the cinematic of releasing the extension.

Introducing cinematic of the World of Warcraft Dragon flight Extension: A trip to the Airs

Wholesale, the pre-launch occasions (the released storm) are slowly releasing in the game world to introduce the history of extension. As part of the occasions, players can recover from the primitive essence of primitive storms and use it to obtain special items (…) as a full set of level 252 armor for your class and specialization, The furious wind bag toy and the primitive chaos mascot.

The upgrade is also accompanied by a very long list of repairs and changes (especially for playable classes) whose note is offered on the main site.


At the very same time, World of Warcraft players have the possibility of finding the Dracula evocative, the brand-new playable archetype of the MMORPG (which can alternate a humanoid appearance and a diatonic form) and to endeavor into the new zone of the prohibited confines. The redesign of the Andaman instance is likewise available: Queen Alexstrasza (at the heart of the story of Dragonfllight) discovered that a disc consisting of Try’s memories remained in ANDAMAN which this knowledge could be utilized to return their powers with diatonic elements; Queen Alexstrasza for that reason asked her mortal allies to brave the perils of the dungeon to recover the artifact and guarantee a future for dragons. Notice to beginners.

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