Dark Souls was going to have a 2D metroidvania

Dark Souls was going to have a 2D metroidvania

Dark Souls’ success gave rise to a new subgenre within the Metroidvanias. In recent years, titles such as blasphemous, Salt and Sanctuary, Dead Cells and more titles have managed to combine the style of play that made famous Metro id and Symphony of the Night, with the combat and difficulty that has characterized so much from From software. Now, recently, in a form of poetry, It was revealed that a 2D metroidvania with dark souls 3 could almost have been a reality.


Recently, Thomas Nightmare, an artist who worked at blasphemous, shared a look at a proposal made to Banzai NAMC and From software to create a spin-off Metroidvania 2D of _Dark Souls 3. In the image we can see the fight against Dancer of The Boreal Valley, and look spectacular.

Nightmare, who shared this material thanks to the fact that his confidentiality contract with the companies already won, mentioned that this proposal was created with an average budget of the Metroidvanias of that time in Mint. Along with this, pointed out that the prevalence of 2D games is the reason why this Dark Souls spin-off was proposed.

Unfortunately, At the moment it is unknown exactly because Banzai NAMC and From software rejected this project . However, considering the popularity of this type of experience, and the attention that the art of Nightmare has received, is not ruled out that in the future let’s see a metroidvania of dark Souls or Elden Ring come true.

In related issues, new update gives us a clue to the future of Elden Ring. Similarly, George R.R. Martin has not had the opportunity to play Elden Ring.

Editor’s note:

The art of Nightmare looks spectacular. I love blasphemous, but if Dark Souls or Elden Ring had a Metroidvania in 2D with Pixel Art they would be one of the best spin-off that has been seen in history.

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