LOL: The story of the pro player who used one of the worst champions until he forced the enemies to Bani

LOL: The story of the pro player who used one of the worst champions until he forced the enemies to Bani

Imagine that you are a professional League of Legends player, you convince your team to let you use one of the worst champions of the True Superior Route, it is used only in the junior, and you not only wins, but ends up forcing your opponents to ban that champion. Well, this is something that happened in the main European competition for over eight years.

We are talking about a feat reached by Russian player Evgeny Darren MAZE. During the first stage of 2014 in which it was known as European LC’s, the to planer chose to use Warwick as a top route option. The success was so resounding that he caused the future opponents to ban the pick, while a few weeks before no one considered him a decent choice.


Here we are obviously talking about a Warwick before receiving the Rework that left him as it is today. He had no mobility and barely had two skills besides passive or attribute increases. What was similar to the current one, hitting an enemy and healing, but without displacement; While Ultimate was almost equal to what it is today, but it happened instantly. The problem was that both W and were buffs of attributes and passive skills.

In short, Warwick just healed his life with what and his basic attacks. That was all you had, not to mention your unfortunate wave cleaning or the very limited harass you could provide on the route. In essence, it was a jungle when the jungles were limited to a small selection of champions who could receive damage from neutral monsters.


Well, this champion is what Darren chose on two and three of LCS 2014. He finished the match with the result of 07/01/19, collaborating decisively in the victories of his team Gambit. The idea was that his sustain was so absurd that he won all the routes over time .

A deserved celeation

In the fourth round of the championship, after two consecutive wins with Warwick being the key to them, the Spa Hot Crew team made the decision to use their third and last ban to eliminate Warwick from the options. Darren’s ultimate goal, who was to prove that he could use a mediocre champion, dominate him and force a ban, was sealed.

As you can see in the video above, Darren celeated that ban as if it were a victory. No wonder and it helps us understand what the League of Legends was like for almost nine years. A competition that had just discovered a certain Faker just a few months earlier. It’s been a long time.

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