Stir the final chief of God of War with his feet and he recapses to Ragnarok

Stir the final chief of God of War with his feet and he recapses to Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarök will premiere in a few days and the expectation around the exclusive studies of Santa Monica continues to increase. Thus, many Streamers embarked on the epic God of War of 2018 before following the continuation of the adventures of Rates and Dome non November 9. This is the case of Miss Mickey who tried to spend the original game… on the dance floor!

God of War on the dance floor

If you have followed the news about the latest from From software, you certainly know the nick of this streamer. Before embarking on God of War, he had defeated most of Elden Ring’s bosses using a dance pad or even with a single hand. Authentic feats given the level of difficulty of this game.

While waiting for God of war ragnarök, the player proposed an assault against terrible creatures of the 2018 work, Of course, we are talking about the Daiquiris. Although they give you the best team of the game, this type of harpy is Without a doubt, the most formidable opponents of the game and defeating them without a dance car is already very difficult.

After defeating most of the Alleluias, the serpentine completely annihilated its queen… not without difficulty. In fact, Miss Mickey took about 6 hours to end Sign , the supreme chief. After all this time of attempts, the player savor her victory and intends to rest a little. However, as we can imagine, he will return very soon with a new challenge.


The streamer responds to the haters

Of course, Mickey achieves such feats that many are not really believed. In the responses to their publication on Twitter, several comments accuse her of cheating. According to them, he would pretend to play on the dance carpet making random steps while another player would be behind her with a command to control Rates.

The content creator explains that it would be much more complicated for her to pretend to learn to play on the dance floor. In addition, when analyzing the images of their streams, we can see that their leg/feet movements are perfectly synchronized with those of Rates.

Therefore, there are few chances of lie sing about their exploits. His de facto community considers that since he started playing with the dance carpet he has been progressing.

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