Disney Dream Glite: Damage guide

Disney Dream Glite: Damage guide

The curse is a quest that mother Hotel instructed you to return the valley to normal, putting the end of the dark magic sent to destroy its inhabitants.

In this leadership, we will show you how to fulfill the Curse quest in Disney Dream light Valley.

Passage Curse

To begin the curse of the Curse, you must first increase the level of friendship with Merlin, Ursula and Chris toff. As soon as the quest is activated, find Merlin and talk to him about the damned tree in the polar of trust.

Explore the terrain and approach the big tree. When you do this, the shadows will dissipate in different parts of the location, leaving the hut open to the entrance.


Enter inside to find mother Hotel and talk to her while she tells how life in the valley can be returned to the bright side, returning the sphere of trust back to her pillar.

After the conversation is over, mother Hotel leads you to another part of the bridge to meet Merlin, who is talking with Ursula about the transformation spell. First, you must talk with Merlin and ask him to let Ursula use the spell.

Unfortunately, the conversation with Ursula will only increase the number of tasks on your list, because she asks you to convince Christoph to sacrifice his love for Anna and erase his memories of the village.

Having convinced him to perform these actions, you will help Ursula to utter a spell. In addition to this, you need to fulfill several requirements, such as the collection of 5x dream fragments and 5x fragments of the night.

To collect fragments of dreams, clean the night spikes that will be revived every day in the village. As for the night fragments, they can be found by digging shining hills around the valley with a shovel.

As soon as the requirements are fulfilled, talk with Chris toff, and in the end he will agree to make a decision and help Ursula make a spell. Visit the cave in which Ursula was imprisoned, and give it the collected resources.

Then she opens the portal in here and there when you turn into a ghostly figure entering the clearing of trust. Cross the bridge and collect scope of trust in front to place it on a pole and watch the darkness disappears from the valley.

Finally, your body will be returned, and you must take this opportunity to visit Mother Hotel in the hut and talk to her to complete the cement curse.

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