Subculture Gunsoting Expectation, Victory Goddess: Nikes official launch

Subculture Gunsoting Expectation, Victory Goddess: Nikes official launch

Level Infinite officially released the goddess of victory: Nike in both mobile markets.


The goddess of victory: Nike is the background of the post-apocalypse worldview, and the user is a commander who commands the doll weapon ‘Nike’ for human salvation. You can see a substory with a variety of collection elements, such as unique visuals, solid main stories, and finding lost items. In addition, you can feel deep immersion by talking with Nike with a personal messenger.

Along with the release, Hirobumi Satan, called the master of animation music, was composed and released the animation PV of the theme song Tungsten sung by Mizuki. The animation was produced by Malaria, who is well-known for participating in the Freenet animation.

The level Infinite offers all pre-bookers’ reservation goals, and offers a variety of in-game items in addition to the pre-booking goal achievement.

A level Infinite official said, Thank you to the users who have been supporting for a long time. I will reward it with good operations. We will do our best with the beginning of the game, not the end of the development team’s motto.

The goddess of victory: For more information about the official launch of Nike, you can check the official lounge.

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