The Witcher fans open petition to keep Henry Cavill as Geralt

The Witcher fans open petition to keep Henry Cavill as Geralt

Last Saturday there was pretty hard news for The Witcher fans, Since Henry Cavill’s game of the series was confirmed, the last season being the last episodes in which it will be seen. However, fans are not willing to accept this decision, so they have now organized to make a request to keep the actor in their role as Gerald .

A request for began to circulate online asking Netflix to keep Cavils as the headline and, instead, to replace the writers of the series. For now, the petition currently has just over 30,000 signatures, where the goal is 7500.

This is what you mention:


Henry does not leave The Witcher for Superman, Netflix executives have once again made the serious decision not to fulfill their fans. The reason why The Witcher is such a popular program is the love of fans for the material of origin of the books and games, which are hated and of which writers and Showrunner have actively mocked. Henry Cavill is one of those great fans, he knows everything and wanted to stay faithful to the world of Minkowski, which is why Netflix wants to replace him.

It is worth mentioning that both the fourth and fifth season of The Witcher are already on planning, and also Liam Hemsworth would already be contemplated to be the star character. So the treatment would have already been carried out, so it would not be too much that the firms have gathered, more now that they already exceeded the goal.

Remember that the third season of the series premieres in 2023 in Netflix .

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Editor’s note: The power of fans is very large, we have already seen that in film and series projects, proof of this is the design change for the Sonic movie. However, it is possible that this time the efforts do not work for much.

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