PlayStation: Fan proves obsession with PS2 with enviable collection of gaming manuals

PlayStation: Fan proves obsession with PS2 with enviable collection of gaming manuals

As the Kodak reports, player and fan Kirkland has preserved more than 1,900 PS2 game manuals, art books, militias and comics, sending them to in 4k . A true good action for the world of video games, as well as a passion proof with the console.

A collection of 1900 PDFs


At a time when tutorials and tutorials did not yet exist, paper manuals were included in all console game boxes. They contained all kinds of information, instructions, elements of history and sometimes even illustrations.

These manuals are now a thing of the past, but Kirkland did a lot to ensure that this content is remembered and in the internet files, encompassing each manual and scanning meticulously each sheet for

In all are 1900 PDF files in 17 GB of compacted content of a huge 230 GB folder and everything is listed in alphabetical order. This project would have taken 22 years to Kirkland and cost about R $200 thousand.

A true piece of history

The goal is to increase awareness about game preservation efforts, Kirkland told Kodak. [There are] so many games that marked our childhood that shaped the way we see and experience the world. Of course, as we grow up, we move on, but many of us have nostalgia of these games and want our children to benefit from what we had. […]

And there has been great efforts to preserve games: VHF , Strong Museum , and community efforts like made . PC emulation whose goal is to faithfully reproduce the operation of games and systems From arcade], , no-Intro and cowering’s good tools before that. I always thought: This is amazing! We will have kept everything. But without the books, we will not know how to play.

Kirkland had already done gigantic work creating a 2k SNES manual file and is currently working on a 4K version of Game Boy and Atari 2600 manual files.

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