Bayonetta 3 Records records

Bayonetta 3 Records records

One thing about the Bayonet ta series is that as soon as you start it, it will never get tired of it. This is due to the fact that, in addition to the main missions and side tasks, it includes small tasks that entertain the players. The same thing with records, the type of collection objects presented in Bayonet ta 3. In this leadership, we will tell you what records are and how to collect them in all chapters of the game. So, without unnecessary words, let’s get down.

What are records?

As mentioned above, records are a type of collection items that players can get into their own hands as each chapter passes, and by the end of the game they will have a significant number of them. Unlike Bewitchment, which, as we discovered, are useless, Records actually serve as a musical goal.

As soon as you take the record, you will unlock the musical track that will delight your hearing and give you the opportunity to relax from all the madness surrounding the hostile world. They demand that you go to a small hunt for garbage, since some of them are very cunningly hidden, and they are easy to skip.

To help you with this, we have listed all the recordings for each chapter in Bayonet ta 3.

Records for each chapter in Bayonet ta 3

Following these instructions for each chapter, players will be able to quickly get record collecting items into their hands.

Record No. 1: Chapter 2-City in fire

To find the first recording of the game, players must start chapter 2. As soon as they do it, they will need to move in the right direction from the starting point. Here you will find the first entry.

Record No. 2: Chapter 3-Sounding Feeling

As soon as the verse of this chapter ends, go to the right, and you will find a record between the two buildings lying in the alley.

Record No. 3: Chapter 5-Pursuit in hot pursuit

As soon as you finish with the fifth verse of the chapter, return to the lower platform through which you need to go to the next battle. On the other hand, you will find a record.

Record No. 4: Chapter 7-Burning Sands

As soon as you get a cat for this chapter, go west; Here you will find a record.

Record No. 5: Chapter 8-Quarling Choir

When you decide the puzzle over time and create a platform, you will have to throw some of them towards the river to cross it. While you are in the process of transition, stop halfway and look at the ledge. Here you will find a record.

Record No. 6: Chapter 9. Learning to fly

When you finish with the fourth verse of the chapter, you will transfer to the temple. You will find an entry in the second room, which soars between two windmills.

Record No. 7: Chapter 11-Familiar Dance

From the place where you found a chest with treasures, go left and go into the doorway. Enter the tunnel, and here you will find a record.

Chapter 12. Fine of madness

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Chapter 13. Kingdom of one

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Chapter 14. Phenomenal balance 14

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