[Special feature] Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is the long -awaited official release! Lead more than 100 troops and form in the medieval world!

On October 25, the official version of the Strategy Action RPG Mount & Blade II: Banner lord was released on a PC (Steam). It was a sequel to the popular work MOUNT & BLADE: WARRANT set in the Middle Ages, and early access began in the spring of 2020. It’s been more than two years since then, long…!

In this work, it will be released on November 10 (in Japan) for the console (PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One). This new work, this time, who plays this work for more than 350 hours from early access, will deliver a play report again.

What is the long-awaited Mount & Blade II: Banner lord?

MOUNT & BLADE II: Banner lord is a strategic action roll play game set in the medieval European-style Arcadia. Decide the status of the character and start the game, and at the same time, the player will appear as a citizen in this world.

And what is very popular in Arcadia is Dubai War . The three countries in the divided civil war and the five countries around the world are aiming for a chance to attack if there is a gap. In this world, truce is only .

However, in such an era, it is also a chance to rise. You can organize your unit and raise your name as a mercenary. You can be skilled in weapons and care for a wandering martial artist. Conversely, it is possible to avoid the war and spend as a peddler.

Severe and unique combat action is attractive

This work is divided into a role-playing part that goes around Arcadia’s map screen and a strategy action battle part to be performed when you encounter an enemy unit.

The battle part is a battle screen like the Musou series at first glance. However, in Arcadia, humans are very weak . In particular, the first player is oftenthat is often defeated by a single arrow. Even the weakest AKO enemies who move around in the field will be able to do so if they are surrounded by multiple people.

First, you should remember how to fight . In particular, the movement of melee weapons uses a unique system called direction of mouse + left click. If it is the first play, it is good to practice in the training center of tutorial for only 5 minutes and grasp the feeling of battle .

Also, at the beginning of , it is recommended to fight by combining one-handed weapons and shields . The shield is very easy to fight because just holding down the right-click to prevent most attacks.

Collect New soldiers and companions and form a unit!

Nevertheless, it is reckless to challenge the opponent who attacks in a group al1. The important thing is to hire soldiers in towns and villages .

At first, there are only new soldiers, but they will listen to the instructions. If you instruct the function key, you can assault or form a formation. If you place or attack accurately, you can efficiently defeat enemies.

Furthermore, the soldiers can grow, make it more heavy fabrics or to be an archer who can attack long-range attacks. Soldiers who can recruit soldiers are characterized by each region. Please find something you like from various units.

And as a special companion, the existence of companion is prepared. This is the same as the hero, possessing a unique skill. It has various effects by placing it to the commander of the unit or leaving the role.

At the beginning of the game, the most important thing I want to be a companion with medicine . By specifying a unit’s military doctor, you can reduce the number of deaths. It can be said that Arcadia, who has no war, is essential.

Challenge quests and arena in villages and towns

And in villages and towns, you can receive quests from local influential people. This is ideal for earning funds in the early stages because you can get rewards by achieving.

The types of quests vary widely. It seems that you will be wondering which one to do, but personally, I recommend the village quest I am looking for help by dealing with bandits. This is clear just by defeating the wild field near the village.

You can put your belongings when you defeat the enemy. In addition, the prisoner who gained after the battle is also given a quest in the village The landowner is looking for a physical worker, or if he hires it once, and then hand over it in the town quest recruitment of recruitment in a Ceylon group, further funds will be made. I can make money.

And when you enter the city, you want to check Arena . In each city, a tournament with products may be held. There are many powerful units, but if you can win, you can get valuable weapons and armor!

By the way, as you proceed with the story, the brother divided immediately after the start will join the unit. If you look at the skills, you will be able to ask to the hero, Is it really your brother?

Raise the ## clan’s tier and raise the name to Arcadia!

At first, only about 20 people can hire, but if you raise your clan Tier, you can hire more soldiers.

If the Tier level goes up, it will be possible to sell as mercenaries . So, if you show more success, it is not a dream to be able to be collected as a nobleman. At the time of , you will be able to take the command of a tournament where more than 100 hordes collide, or attack the castle and town.

Create your own troops, squadrons, and your own country, and enjoy the world of Arcadia!

If you taste vanilla firmly, it is recommended to introduce MOD!

By the way, in Mount & Blade II: Banner lord, various Mods like Western games are also actively made. Some Mods have large-scale additions to units and equipment, so you can enjoy different pleasures.

I personally want to play on the first lap in vanilla, but as a exception, the mod PartyscreenenHancements and Equipbestitem are especially recommended.

PartyscreenenenhanceMents is a mod that organizes the unit for soldiers and Tier. When the number of units increases, management becomes easier.

And Equipbestitem is a MOD that automatically equips the top weapons and armor from the belongings you have. Because it can be equipped automatically for companions, it is convenient when you get a large fishing loot. Both are mods that make the game comfortable, so it’s perfect for those who want to enjoy the game in a vanilla environment as much as possible!

Finally, we introduce product information again. MOUNT & BLADE II: Banner lord, where you can enjoy high-degree of freedom in the medieval world, has an official version for Windows (Steam, GOG.COM, Epic Games Store) on October 25, domestic PS5/PS4/Xbox Series. The X | S/Xbox One version will be released on November 10.

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