How to unlock quests with Manderville weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

How to unlock quests with Manderville weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMOs, representing the universe of the Final Fantasy from Square Enix and an exciting gameplay. He was active for quite a long time, and the Patch 6.25 was removed by adding new content. This includes quests with Mandeville weapons, which may make you think about how to unlock the quests with Mandeville weapons in the Final Fantasy XIV.

how to get Mandeville weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock the Mandeville Weapon Quest in Final Fantasy XIV, you must first completed Hildebrand quests, including the somehow further quest, because they are prerequisites . Having completed them, go to Radz-At-Khan and talk with servant of the house Mandeville to start the Lunar Conspiracy quest.

Follow this chain of tasks and complete the tasks Make it Mandeville and imperfect gentleman. This will begin the line of quests for the quests of the weapons of Mandeville. Make sure you have 500 tombstones of astronomy as soon as you start this quest.

There are many types of weapons of Mandeville, so the performance of quests and their unlocking is a worthwhile adventure. In addition, quests and mandatory quests have a delightful text, which makes the process of passing fascinating.

To obtain additional information about the Final Fantasy XIV, read the control list for updating 6.25 Final Fantasy XIV-all you need to know and how to get the Clockwork Crimson Chaser minion in the Final Fantasy XIV, in the game manuals for professionals.

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