A Plague Tale: Requiem – Skill

A Plague Tale: Requiem – Skill

In this skill guide to a plague tale: Requiem you can find out:

  • What skills and skills there are
  • How the Skill Tree is built

* How you improve the skills

Alicia has many useful skills in A Plague Tale: Requiem, which you keep alive in the fight against soldiers and rats . We explain to you in this guide how you use it optimally.

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Which skills are there in a plague tale: Requiem?

Alicia’s skills in A Plague Tale: Requiem are divided into three classes: consciousness, attack and sophistication. Each class contains four skills , which you can learn one after the other in the course of the game. Every skill builds on the previous 1. So you can not choose which area your Alicia improves.

How do I improve Alicia’s skills?

In contrast to many current action role-playing games, in which you unlock individual skills and perks with gained experience points, the skill system in a plague tale: innocence dynamically reacts to your playing style .

Stealth skills: improve consciousness

The Skill Tree Consciousness includes skills that refer to sneak and stealth in a plague tale: Requiem (guide). You improve these skills by holding back in confrontations and often sneaks through high grass, hidden you under carts and tables and dispensing with open attacks.

Skill-Tree-level skill Description
Level 1 Light foot You move quieter and Alicia is not noticed so quickly by opponents.
Level 2 Sedateness Alicia’s sense of balance improves, and you move you crouched faster.
Level 3 Earth technology Alicia’s improved posture enables you to further throw objects.
Level 4 Knife stab Alicia recognizes weaknesses of armored opponents, and you can stab them from behind.

combat skills: improve attack

The attack skills tree is the opposite of consciousness. You can freely switch the skills integrated here with a aggressive style of play . Frequently goes into close combat, kills opponents behind and uses the slingshot in fighting.

Skill-Tree-level skill Description
Level 1 Targeted shock Alicia can immediately kill opponents in close combat by pushing her into rats or fire.
Level 2 Relaxation Alicia recovers faster from hits and remains calmer in close combat.
Level 3 Fast death To strangle of opponents with the slingshot is faster and quieter.
Level 4 Nimble finger Alicia’s skill improves, and she can reload and use weapons faster.

Alchemy skills: improve sophistication

The third Skill Tree relies on Alicia’s skill in dealing with crafting and alchemy (guide). Looking for a lot of crafting materials such as sulfur, resin or alcohol and produces alchemical ammunition (Igniter, tar, Doris, extinguish). If you use confrontations on these materials in combination with slingshots, pots or crossbow, the sophistication skills improve.

Skill-Tree-level skill Description
Level 1 Alchemy knowledge Alicia’s alchemy knowledge improves, and she produces alchemical ammunition faster.
Level 2 Using Alicia saves a resource in the production of alchemy.
Level 3 Material splitting Alicia works more carefully and wins material back in the production of alchemy.
Level 4 Pure product Alicia produces more alchemical ammunition with the same resources.

A Plague Tale: Requiem-Make the companions correctly

In addition to Alicia’s skills, you can also access your companions’ skills in the course of the game. You cannot improve them, but you have additional options for defying soldiers and rats **. Lucas and Hugo are at your side right from the start. While Lucas teaches you everything about alchemy, Hugo later learns to control the rats.

Check rats with Hugo

With the Echo ability you can locate opponents like with an echo solo when there are rats nearby. Use this skill in ICHEICH passages, and you know immediately, behind which wall an opponent is waiting . Hugo can also control small rat hordes. So that you can rush them on soldiers, all light sources in the area are eliminated. Pay attention to his stress level at Hugo’s skills and use them carefully.

Arnaud, the fighter and Sophia, the Schneider

Arnaud is a stately fighter. Hits him on soldiers and he wins every duel . Only if he gets outnumbered does he have to give up. Keep an archer from the body.

With Sophia’s prism, high grass can be light, which rises.
So you can distract you in a targeted manner during the ICHEICH passages .
In addition, she breaks the light of fireplaces and can maneuver you through rats as if with a torch.
Follow that the prism does not lose the connection to the light source, otherwise you will quickly become rat food.
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