9 online games that marked season: Grand Chase, Ragnarok, The Duel, Perfect World, Tibia and more

9 online games that marked season: Grand Chase, Ragnarok, The Duel, Perfect World, Tibia and more

The game world has several titles that marked a generation and had a golden age. Time passes and we change, just like games. Still the memory is alive in the heart, and surely you have some games that ing very good memories. In this article Let’s cite some of these games that marked the childhood and adolescence of many players .

Our focus here is on online games and not the console, because the list would be too extensive. Do you know all games on the list? Check below :

Grand Chase

Grand Chase Definitely deserves to be on this list, as it marked a generation of many players, besides being a dubbed game, something a little rare for its time, but common today, as the game industry also put its Eyes in azil and realized how promising market is.

The game has a side-scrolling style, used in both EVE and PVP mode, which was the focus of the most experienced players. The characters have classes and many skills, as well as their own story.

Grand Chase was closed in 2015, but returned in 2021 officially with Classic (before that there were only private servers, in which the developer did not disapprove). The history of this universe also continues in sword , a similar game and Kurtz , an MMORPG.

Ragnarök Online

The game was not closed, but went through difficult times in azil and is not as if it was so well on the servers around the world. Ragnarök Online marked many generations and ings absurd nostalgia.

Many players are aware that the game faced a gigantic problem with bots, which has been corrected, but currently the situation has become problematic again. In addition, the system in the O (azilian server) is fully focused on a pay-to-win mode, in which new items can only be purchased for real money.

It is not uncommon for players to claim that the golden age was when level 99 was the maximum, so much so that there is no shortage of (private) servers that ing this theme, as well as an official server called Ragnarök Online Zero in which the Maximum level is 99. Today there are already the fourth classes on international servers, with new maps and expansions, so that the game totally changes its dynamics.

You certainly remember your first dead poring , from kill spores in Rayon , from music from Proper , of ti hermit a class test, defeat orcs or be caught by a surprise MVP while trying to uprise quietly.

Perfect World

Few gaming communities were as receptive and friendly as Perfect World . It was not uncommon for more experienced players to help novices, whether with information, items or even some UP protection and aid.

The game had a glorious gold phase, with many players, extravagant builds, amazing expansions for the time and more. However, over time the game was losing its base… at least in azil.

Of course PW has not died yet and continues to receive constant updates, but he has lost his magic with a less engaged community than before, and the gameplay has changed a lot.


If there is something that Ragnarök online and Tibia has in common beyond the passionate players was the fact that they don’t care so much about the graphic issue. Not that games are graphically done, quite the opposite, but pixelate art does not please everyone and even today it has room for improvement.

It is the gameplay that matters and Tibia offered plenty of possibilities, as well as an engaged community and a very interesting and risky PVP . Currently, the game has lost its ightness and many members of the community, but remains alive and receiving updates.

Combat Arms


Although not well known, the community of FPS players have certainly heard. The game had a very busy time with many players, but the absurd amount of hacks and a pay-to-win style made it die.

Currently, the game has changed publisher, leaving Level Up and going to Nixon and goes through many changes. It’s a good FPS, but it is very overshadowed by CS: GO and others. Still, he had his moment when he shone.

DD Tank

The game did not need to be downloaded and had several Grand Chase features, but it was still a smash hit in its golden age. In Worms style, betting on the strategy and shift genre, Tank definitely shone.

There were no shortage of players gaining new phases, items and a very agitated PVP. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for the game to get out of the spotlight. It is still active to this day for those who have questions.


The most famous virtual hotel in azil. Many players spent hours and hours to win the best decorations and visuals for their characters . They created families, got jobs and more.

Currently, there are many other simulation games that have won a much larger space and, especially in HBO’s gold season, some games like The Sims 2 were even more striking. However, the hotel keeps its fame to this day and remains active for those interested.

Gun: The Duel

Along with Grand Chase, The Duel also sh1. There were little players who bet on using body-to-body weapons and called ninjas. The PVP of the game was agitated and gathered thousands of players .

The game became less prominent as other games emerged. For those who have doubt, know that he is still active today, but do not expect the same active community as old.

Happy harvest

The game was very popular, being within the social network, out . Both ended, so the game ended in October 2016, although it was also present at Facebook .

Happy Harvest is no longer available on any platform, at least not officially . But we are here to talk about their golden age, as many players had their farms, visited their friends, helped and was a real competition to see who had the best of all.

Another other game deserves to be on this list?

Do you know all the games we mentioned? How many of them did you play? You may remember some other worthy of being on this list. Tell us. We want to know your opinion.

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