Play cloud games comfortably with Gaming Chromebook without Gravo!
 ASUS announces Chromebook VIBE CX55 FLIP [Event Report]

Play cloud games comfortably with Gaming Chromebook without Gravo! ASUS announces Chromebook VIBE CX55 FLIP [Event Report]

At the Tokyo Game Show 2022 held in September, various new products were exhibited and announced. Many newcomers are added to the market, which is full of nesting demand, such as PCs, mice, keyboards, and accessories for gamers. ASUS gaming notebook PC Chromebook VIBE CX55 FLIP (hereinafter VIBE CX55 FLIP) is one of these products. This is a Chromebook, which is becoming popular in Japan, but this notebook machine is a model specializing in cloud gaming . Do you need a gaming PC with grab anymore! ?

CHROMEBOOK with a sharp rise in awareness

The pandemic triggered the attention of Chromebook as an educational notebook PC in Japan.

As the name implies, Chromebook specializes in the use of google-provided Chrome. The feature is that it Boötes quickly and has a practical performance with low-spec processors and small capacity memory. Basic tasks such as online calls, Google documents, spreadsheets editing, watching videos, and browsing can fully play that role.


For example, my Chromebook is purchased in the 20,000 yen range, but it is possible to complete this chromebook if it is about writing and submission work for GAME*Spark, and editing images. Exactly transcendental cost performance!

In recent years, a Chromebook that can play games has been developed. Of course, the game to be written here is not a table game like shogi, chess, and mahjong, but Hardin heavy, beautiful and moving games . However, Chromebook is a product with a concept that does not seek high performance in hardware in the first place. The VIBE CX55 FLIP, which is covered this time, does not mean that it is equipped with the latest graphic board.

Therefore, VIBE CX55 FLIP assumes a cloud game.

Don’t think about the standards of Windows aircraft!

A cloud game is a game streaming service. Rather than installing the data on the device, the processing and communication are completed on the server.

It is necessary to have a good internet environment, but cloud games do not require high performance that protrudes for devices, that is, PC. Therefore, the specifications of VIBE CX55 FLIP are very ordinary from the Windows user.

There are two types of processors. The upper version is Inter Core i3-1115G4, and the lower version is Core i5-1135G7. The memory is 8 GB and the storage is SSD 128 GB. There are 144Hz refresh rates compatible, touch panel 15.6-inch wide TFT color LCD screen, 360-degree rotating ergolift hinge, but there are numbers such as mediocre. At this time, 8 GB of memory is a good place! ?

However, this is a view of Windows aircraft. This product is chromebook. 8 GB of memory, storage SSD 128 GB, and 11th generation Core i5 can be said to be ridiculously high specs within the Chromebook range.

You can play even Hardin!

If you use this VIBE CX55 FLIP, you can play Hardin. However, in this case, Hardin is a cloud game version as described above. Processing is performed on the server. Therefore, a decrease in the net line is a fatal factor for play, but if you can overcome that problem, it is almost the same as playing on a Windows PC with Grave.

This is definitely amazing! Isn’t it really Grave? In fact, ASUS succeeded in developing ultra-thin grab, and even the suspicion of is being installed secretly. Even if you swing the sword around, there is no noticeable lag! However, at the same time as the impact, one big question comes to my mind.

In Japan, a niche cloud game

Aside from GAME*Spark’s experienced readers, the cloud games itself is not known among light users, Games can be played sometimes.

Last year, when a major manufacturer announced a gaming notebook PC for light users, a developer said at a press conference that PC games are not yet big in Japan. This PC game refers to data distribution games sold at Steam and Epic Games. In the case of cloud games, in Japan, it is exactly like outer land, and that area may pull the VIBE CX55 FLIP promotional feet…?

In Japan, the cloud games themselves are hardly known except for core gamers. Are you planning to carry out PR activities and well-known activities around here? -At a product presentation of VIBE CX55 FLIP held at Madurai Jesse on September 15, I have thrown as follows. ASUS JAPAN Corporation System Business Group Product Management Department Leon Chen responded to the question.

According to Chen, the current cloud games in japan are very niche. Therefore, ASUS plans to cooperate with the cloud game distribution service and promote playing games in the cloud from both online and offline axes. In online, advertising on the web, and offline, we will exhibit products and demo play with sales agencies.

I’m looking forward to the demo play! After all, it is difficult to understand the goodness of these products unless you actually pick them up. I would like readers to experience the impact of the cloud game version Hardin that works without a grab!

Finally, about the price of VIBE CX55 FLIP. Chromebook has a great advantage that the product itself is not a high spec, so that costs can be reduced by that much. The worrisome price of VIBE CX55 FLIP is lower model is 89,800 yen, and the upper model is 119,800 yen. Cut 100,000 yen even though it is not a sale! The release is scheduled for Wednesday, October 26, and general reservations have started at 11:00 am on Wednesday, 12th. If you want to increase new options for your PC game experience, why not check this opportunity?

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