Fortnite: X-23 (X-Men) arrives  a new Skin;
 All the details

Fortnite: X-23 (X-Men) arrives a new Skin; All the details

And another Collaboration more that reaches Fortnite . On this occion he h played to X-23 , character of the x-men , of Marvel . In this news we show you what is the new Skin X-23 , which reaches Fortnite seon 4 :

Fortnite Seon 4: This is the X-23 Skin

At 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 8, 2022, the Fortnite file system that possessed the Skin X-23 files w unofficial. Just below you can see all your objects; We have extracted these images directly from the game via dating:

The Skin X-23 is accompanied by the Backpack Accessory Cloning Capsule , the Arr Collection Tool of X-23 adamantine , and the Insignia wrapping X . This is a skin of the store whose objects we can buy both in lot and separately , although at the time we write this news we do not know when it will arrive. Something we do know is that its beak (claws) can be used by any Skin **. However, the fact that it h been disregarded without prior notice implies that it should be available for purche very soon. We will update this news soon we know something more about it.

Some content creators such the AngloParlante Tabor Time have received this new Skin completely free. usual; Epic is interested in giving visibility to certain collaborations skins long the average players buy them when they arrive at the store.

always, we recommend you take a look at our Fortnite guide. In it, we tell you all the details about the new seon, including how to complete all the missions and how to climb quickly to be able to unlock all the objects and rewards of the battle ps soon possible. Do not miss it, because we try to cover all possible angles of the game with the greatest accuracy.

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