Apparently, Andor has a reference to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Apparently, Andor has a reference to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Last week he gave the official start for the premiere of the first three chapters of Ardor , Spin Off of Star Wars that focuses on the protagonist of Rogue One , and that is not worth commenting, It was well accepted by the audience. And now, with the arrival of chapter 4 this week, a great reference is confirmed to a very dear video game of the saga.

Spoilers of chapter 4 forward!

During a scene in which Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) meets the rebel recruiter Luther Real (Stellar Starboard) , we see a ton of Star Wars artifacts in the background, including, the Star killer’s armor . This was immediately detected by game fans Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and made it known in networks.

Star killer! A very clear reference to the Star killer armor as seen in The Force Unleashed.


For those not trained, the armor is the set Sith Stalker of Star killer , which is used if the players choose the evil end of the game. The man on the right side is very revealing, and the general form has a very similar appearance. Its design is quite ironic, so it was not too difficult for the most hardened to detect the reference.

It is worth mentioning that Ardor still has a long path to go, since he will have 12 episodes, and each one brings the story we know in less or greater way. To that is added that the end of the same will not put us on stage for Rogue One , since there is planned at least an additional season to the current one.

Remember that this series is available at Disney Plus .

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