Ly One Soft, action shooting game Keroro M pre -booking

Ly One Soft, action shooting game Keroro M pre -booking

Li One Soft (CEO Han Dong-ha) announced on the 30th that it will make an advance reservation for the action shooting game ‘Kerry M’, which is scheduled for development and service.

‘Kerry M’ is an action shooting game developed based on a popular animation, Frog Sergeant Kerry, which boasts a thick fan base.

In particular, the nostalgic nostalgia in their 20s and 30s will be inherited by inheriting the feeling of the original animation.

The game offers a variety of firearms such as machine guns, automatic rifles, rocket guns, and sniper rifles, and has a cool blow, and there is also an RPG fun element that fosters characters with unique skills.

In addition, the strategic battle that leads the team’s victory by achieving the conditions of each mode within the time limit through the optimal character combination and various items, adds to the immersion as you enjoy the game.

At the same time, each character has a constant and has three unique skills, so it’s easy to play, but brain play is required for victory.

Kerry M, which has been preparing for its launch in earnest through pre-booking starting from today, offers abundant benefits such as ‘Tampa’ character, ‘launch commemorative costume’, and 20,000 gold even if they participate in the pre-booking.

A total of 80,000 gold, a B-class weapon box selection box, and a reunion stone are paid to all the 500,000 pre-bookers.

In addition, if you share the pre-booking page, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 5G and AirPods Pro will be provided through the lottery, and users are expected to respond.

In addition, from today to October 10th, you can get a lucky coupon at the Kerry M Collaboration Café and get the Kerry Cushion, Kerry Cup Set, and Item Coupon as a prize.

For more information about the pre-booking and games of Kerry M, please visit the official website.

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