Partnership with XPLA, Xterio.
 Web3 game is presented

Partnership with XPLA, Xterio. Web3 game is presented

The Blockchain Main net PLA (Expla), which includes Comes Holdings and other partners, has signed a strategic partnership with TRIO, a web 3 game platforms. As a result, global masterpiece web 3 games are expected to join the PLA main net.

Trio is an exclusive web 3 partners of Fun plus, the world’s best game company, and is accelerating the development of web 3 games. Fun plus is developing and publishing world-class popular games such as State of Survival. The Trio plans to launch a number of new web 3 games in PLA with this partnership.

Since its launch last month, PLA has been actively collaborating with leading companies in the world to expand its own web 3 ecosystems. In particular, the company is focusing on revitalizing its own blockchain ecosystem through strategic investment and partnerships with X. PLA is also a web 3 of the Trio’s three major game lineups, as well as large games such as Summers War: Chronicle, and World of Genoa, and continuously introduce them to web 3 versions, accelerating the expansion of ecosystems. It is a plan to do it.

PLA Paul Kim Leader said, Trio is a project that has joined the leading global game company veterans. We plan to continue the PLA ecosystem by continuing partnerships that can strengthen digital media content portfolios such as arts.

We are very happy to collaborate with PLA, which wants to realize the web 3 philosophy that regards participants as a core value, said Jeremy Horn, co-founder of Trio. We will try to provide a fun and rich and rich web-based game experience.

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