Graz Valley: Hidden Wall quest requirements

Graz Valley: Hidden Wall quest requirements

When you start moving along the quest line of Wall-i in Disney Dream light Valley, you can ultimately encounter a wall (pun). To start the quest broken memory , you need to raise the level of friendship of All to six, unlock the forest of valor and fulfill a hidden requirement. What is this hidden requirement? Read on and find out.

How to fulfill a hidden requirement to unlock the Wall-E’s Broken Memory quest in Disney Dream light Valley

After you fulfilled the first two requirements to unlock Broken Memory, clean as many small night spikes as possible. In the end, you must find electronic components in green sphere of memory as above. Raise it, then return and talk about it with Valley to start a quest.

How to go through the quest Valley Broken Memory in Disney Dream light Valley

Give the Wall-and electronic components, then follow him back into his house to find broken car next to the black cabinets on the left side. This is the machine that you found in the garbage cube in its previous quest. incident with compressed garbage . Return to the Kingdom of Valley and dig until you find the second electronic component. Give it back to him. Now all you need is Machine parts . Go to your workbench with 40 Iron ore and eight coal ores for the manufacture of 12 parts you need. Then use these workshops for manufacturing F02937 m3 N07 . Give a renovated Valley car to complete the quest.

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