The best magilyum spheres in The Diofield Chronicle – a list of Best Summon levels

The best magilyum spheres in The Diofield Chronicle – a list of Best Summon levels

Most of the goals in The Airfield Chronicle require you to win and take the enemies. While your troops are more than able to cope with the enemy forces on their own, there are also magi comic spheres at your disposal. Since their use is required for their use, you may be interested in what the best magi comic spheres in The Airfield Chronicle.


All Calls Magilumic Orb took place in The Airfield Chronicle

The best call of the magic sphere in The Airfield Chronicle

These are the best magi comic spheres and calls in The Airfield Chronicle. We recommend using of the above Karl, Salamander and Uroboros, and spending any jade crystal that you have, update them. Here are our recommendations for the best Maximum orbs in The Airfield Chronicle.


Despite the fact that this is the initial magi comic sphere, this challenge, of course, is one of the best in the game. It has budget impresses a large area and causes incredible damage . For the simple destruction of enemies, Bahamas does his job and makes it easy. For a cheap and powerful call, we recommend additionally improve this magi comic sphere.


Henri also has a low cost of only 1 TP, like Bahamas, but inflicts less damage. However, this Magilumic Orb more than compensates for this using Rebuff of freezing to any enemy in the selected area. The use of freezing deprives enemies of the opportunity to act for a short period of time, which gives you wide opportunities to defeat them or move your units.

Gold horn

Gold horn takes up place among the best maximum spheres thanks to its incredible to maintain abilities. This restores hp as well as EP to all units in the target area, which will allow you to support your units in combat readiness. Unfortunately, it requires 2 TP, which means that its use is limited, and you will need the time when it will use it. But maintaining the life of your units is more than worth spending TP on this challenge.

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