Conjinwon Reality Contents Support Center, Gangnam -gu was held in Gangnam -gu

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Culture and Culture) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (Chinjinwon) will open the New Content Enterprise Support Center to foster content startups in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam.

The New Content Enterprise Support Center is not limited to specific fields, but is a place that supports the development of new domestic content startups beyond genres and technical limitations.

It is located on the street of Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam, Seoul, and has eight floors from the 2nd basement to the 6th floor. From the 2nd basement to the first floor, there are multipurpose studios, editorial rooms, conference rooms, and lounges, and 15 independent office spaces where 6 to 12 companies can work from the second floor.

The 15 startups selected through the contest can be used free of charge, including basic work spaces such as offices, conference rooms, and seminar rooms, as well as 360 studios, editing and rendering rooms.

In addition, a customized growth program can be supported based on the pre-diagnosis received by the company’s specialized institution (accelerator). In addition, it provides the latest trends and technical education, exchanges with leading companies in related fields, production of promotional contents by company, and encounter with investors.

Condition has been recruiting tenants since June and selected 15 companies in the content and platform sector. ▲ Gear ▲ The Flanges, Live K, Razed, Bio, Veto A, Echo Entertainment, Soul X, Alessio, Ali Malls Studio

On the 21st, the opening ceremony of the New Content Enterprise Support Center will be held. The opening ceremony will include Kim Tae-hyun, Director of Content Policy, Congjinwon CHO Hyundai, and other related organizations, and investment companies. ▲ Media art company District Lee Sung-ho ▲ 3D VR content company Vent ave Al Wool CEO ▲ Professor Hyun-Joon Yew ▲ King Leyton, who produced many projection mapping contents, and a gasman and businessman Her Kyung-hwan will give a speech through the video.

It also provides attractions using various technologies and content. Through the XR technique, YouTube Dotty introduces the new content company support center in the virtual studio, and will showcase New Content Performance by connecting the opening ceremony and virtual space through hologram module technology. The performance will be attended by Professor Kim Sang-kyun, author of the Book Megabus, and Cordon One Muse-on business musician ‘On the Dallas’. Finally, five major personnel will be held through digital podium touch performance.

Then, on the afternoon of the 22nd, the opening conference will be held. Under the theme of ‘content that is soaked into everyday life’, we share the daily life and industrial cases where the content changed. ▲ Starting with Keynote, Professor WAIST, LIST, ▲ NVIDIA Kim Songbook ▲ Executive of SKT I Friend Development Officer ▲ Deputy CEO of the Inge Lab King Jae-won

In addition, the company will match the investment biz-investment partners with the New Content Enterprise Support Center for the pre-application startup, and also operate an exhibition space containing the center tour of the new content company support center and the center of the company.

The future of the content industry is to create new fields through the convergence of content and technology, and to improve the completeness of the content, said Cong Jin-won. We will spare no support for startups in the competitive new content sector to develop new contents and get commercialization opportunities.

Anyone can participate by applying for pre-applications in the event.

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