Valorant: The world dances the Brazilian samba with the victory of Loud in Champions

Valorant: The world dances the Brazilian samba with the victory of Loud in Champions

The grand final of Valorant Champions begins after more than two weeks of continuous action where the champions of all regions managed to demonstrate their maximum capacity in the search for the world medal, on the one hand the loud squad arrives without knowing the defeat in the playoffs While Optic Gaming lost to Brazilians but regains strength to be able to stand in the grand final where they are measured for the 6th time in the year.

Starting in Ascent both teams show their best tools where we would see Jacob Yay Whitaker Take a Jet that the previous day did not work in the best way, but now it would be very fine, achieving important casualties that you gave the 7-5, for the change of sides the attack of the Brazilians manages to get several rounds in their favor with a Gustavo Say Rossi that used very goodly the information he got with NOVA to send to the Overtime where they would win with a 15-13.

In the second duel we see BIN 2, in the second half we see the reaction of the Brazilian team that managed to get some rounds, however, the plays raised by Optic ** managed to settle the match in their favor to tie the series.

Going to Breeze we see a very even duel, being a selection of loud where we have seen it fight several very good games, taking aggressiveness from both sides things are very similar leaving a 6-6, for Na’s attack we see that they seek to finish the game but Erick Spas Santos would be the one who would complicate things for them managing to overtime the meeting where 3 extra times would be played that would come out in favor of Brazil.

With the advantage his favor we see the Brazilians seek the final victory in Haven who was chosen by the American squad, in the first half Matías Saddam of the Ca The rivals to leave 7-5, in the change of roles the situation turned very favorable for the Brazilian and now Felipe Less Basso ** gave the shooting in critical moments to be able to settle with a 13-5.

After four very cardiac maps, the loud squad rises with the world’s maximum cup, demonstrating that the Brazilian region is still very strong within the competitive world, a historical day that crowns a new region as an international monarch giving With this fact that the rival to win is Brazil and with the new leagues format things will become very interesting next year.

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