LOL: The Kings amounts to the LLa after defeating Globant Emerald in Promo/Relegation

LOL: The Kings amounts to the LLa after defeating Globant Emerald in Promo/Relegation

The second day of the promotion/relegation series has a very intense duel where only one of the two squads can have that second quota for the LA, yesterday we saw a ten defending its place in the best way, today I have to see Glob ant Emerald fighting against The Kings to decide who will be the last guest to the Festival of the Opening Tournament, a confrontation to the best of five defines everything.

Starting the first game we see that both teams were being measured so as not to make mistakes, however, the Kings team would have from their side to Virus that with a civil managed to climb in a good way to get a good amount of damage In the fights per team to lower the life of the rivals, with a great impetus the Squad of TK closes with the first victory of the series.

In the second duel Get seeks to propose from the beginning to obtain an advantage, but things are wrong because Rainbow would have other plans, with a Silas that would be key with the theft of definitive, the team Of the kings he turned the fights with great force and left the rivals with the gray screen, taking an important advantage we see how the Kings squad puts the second point to the scoreboard.

For the third game we see with the moral a bit low the Get team for which the squad The Kings takes the advantage in the early game leaving the Emerald team against the strings, with a great Advantage during the first 25 minutes were in favor of them, however, things get out of control thanks to White lotus that is better positioned to climb and take the first victory.

In a fourth game where the kings began to hit strongly from the beginning taking the lead in a good way but Get knew how to answer things to leave the game more even, however, the positioning of virus left Of course he has the level to reach the maximum competition to leave with the low life and next to his classmates to conquer the victory.

After four games tilted for the Reyes team, with a small stumble in between, they become the new member of the LA seeking to repeat the story and face old known as Tea maze and Astral , after a year full of triumphs The Kings will have the opportunity to show its strength to seek to ensure the Latin championship.

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