[Review] If you mix toy story with peakmin?

[Review] If you mix toy story with peakmin? Tinicin

Peak min that can be played on a PC

Another masterpiece of the game world, Miyamoto Shiner, who created Mario and Zelda series, is a game called ‘Peak Min’. It is an AI action game that deals with the story of an alien who has been exploring to solve the food shortage, and the story of a planet crashed and the peaking group, which he met there, and returned to his hometown.

Peak min is a masterpiece that can be enjoyed through simple manipulation and free gameplay, but it was released only on the Nintendo Game Cube and Wii platform at the time, and it became a series of people who knew only people who knew people who actually played. At the same time, ‘Peak Min 3’, which is the latest work, has been transplanted for Nintendo switches, and accessibility is improved, but it is still difficult to see a series.

Recently, a work that can be a good alternative to those who want to play the ‘Peak Min’ series has been released on Steam. Tiny kin, a new work that resembles Pic min, to the astronautic protagonist and mysterious creatures from space and struggling to return home.

Game name : Tiny kin (Tiny kin)
Genre Name : Action Adventure
release date : 2022. 8. 31.
Review : Launch Build
Developer : Splash team
Service : Tiny build
Platform : PC, Nintendo Switch, PS, Xbox
Play : PC



Tannin is an action adventure game that depicts the story of Milo, an astronaut, to explore the Earth to solve the secrets of the disappeared mankind. In 1991, a family of an Earth, where the earth remains, and arrived at the earth, which has become a similar size to the worms, and the mysterious life ‘Tintin’ in front of him is the core and charm of the game. It can be called an element.

The first thing that stands out is the visuals of the game where 3D and 2D graphics are exquisitely harmonized. The typical American home landscape, which is the background of the game, is all embodied in 3D, and the appearance of a large daily product in contrast to the main character, which is smaller in ant size, gives fresh stimuli. It is sophisticated as a stage from the living room where the TV is placed to the home, the children’s playroom, the kitchen, and the garden. A series of play processes that look back at a huge family house full of sights offer unique fun that seems to explore ‘everyday life’.

On the other hand, the Tintin group that follows him from the main character Mile and the insects that appear as the NPC in the game are all expressed as the 2D character of the American cartoon style. The 2D character mixed with a 3D map is easy to feel awkward, but in Tannin, the background and character naturally show a natural fusion without feeling heterogeneous or splashing. At the same time, the difference in expression is characterized by the fresh charm and the taste of the usual 3D action adventure game.

Tintin’s level design is a factor that makes the game’s visuals stand out. Each room that makes up the house is decorated with the stage of the game, and the player looks back at each room as if it is a house.

The stage has a separate clear goal of each, and is filled with the main goal, three sub-goals that must be achieved for the story progress, and the collection contents of collection contents, which are used as ‘digging’ elements. If you just want to proceed with the main story quickly, you only need to focus on the main clues. On the contrary, if you achieve all two or three sub goals on each map and enjoy all the content on the map, you will be guaranteed more than 8 hours of playtime. The more you dig up, the huge maps and stages that reveal your new look, and you can selectively enjoy the gamers’ tempo.

Once you fall in love with the visuals of the game, and once you fall in love with the various enjoyment and composition that you can enjoy in it, it naturally goes beyond the adventure in the house that naturally becomes the background of the game. I look forward to it.

From Platformer Action to reasoning and puzzles… Meet with pleasant manipulation and more enjoyable adventure

The charm of maps filled with huge objects and unique character visuals cannot catch the player’s attention until the second half of the game. If ‘Tintin’ was simply a game with excellent visuals, the total game volume of more than five hours may have been filled with boredom. However, Tintin is intuitive enough to be able to understand it easily without having to wear a complex head, and at the same time, it has a ‘fun’ fun with fast and comfortable operation and action.

The first feature that catches the eye is the use of ‘Tintin’, which is the core of the game. In the game, purple Mannikin, which can move heavy objects, red Tintin that can destroy or light certain points, blue Tintin that can lead to electricity like a wire Several types of Tannin appear. You can only use Tintin in color that suits each situation to solve the puzzles or go through the challenges. The only thing that the player should care about is to find a sufficient number of Tannin and make it a colleague.

As the use of Tintin, which is the core, is easily used, the game’s tempo is faster and more comfortable. When you move to a long distance, you can manipulate the soap boards that can slip quickly, and you can also operate Tintin when you use soap bubble glider to increase the time when you leap to a long distance. You can enjoy it.

There are also various types of content at the same time so that you can feel the ‘hand-tasted control’. 3-person platformer action that leaps a long distance and lands in the right position, a puzzle that destroys the clogged walls to open the road or place clues in the right order, and the racing that must be repeated to the timing to the timing. There are many things to do without boring. In addition to what the visuals will be on the new stage, you will be curious about the new puzzles and gimmicks you can enjoy on the map.

Of course, there is a somewhat unfortunate thing here. There are no battles and ‘game over’ concepts throughout the game, so there is no tension at all. The duration of the soap bubble glider has fallen in high places, falls in the mouth of the plant, and runs on the thorny road, but it can be challenged again without game over and no penalty. Tension keeps fading. It is clear that it is clear that it has become a reference to Tannin, and even in ‘Peak Min’, which has been released 10 years after its release, it adds tension to the player through the battle and boss battle.

In addition, it is a pity that even though there are challenges to acquire all Tintin, no guidance function is provided. After finishing the first round, I will continue to enjoy the game by finding all Tintin, which I have not been able to use as a colleague. There is no choice but to hover.

Tannin is a good game with no irritating elements that can be recommended for all ages. If you like the peaking series, but you have been disappointed in the new Peak Min IP ‘Peak Min Bloom’, which has been released on a mobile version, and if you haven’t played the Peak min series so far, ‘Tintin’, which can experience the crowd AI control, is a good alternative. I think it can be.

In Steam, Tannin’s demo version, which contains the first stage, is distributed free of charge. If you enjoy hidden elements carefully, you can enjoy it for about an hour. Before deciding to buy a game, it is certainly attractive that you can taste it enough to suit my taste. Since we haven’t supported Korean yet, if you are interested in the game, please play the demo version in advance.

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