How to find and defeat a minotaur at Tower of Fantasy

How to find and defeat a minotaur at Tower of Fantasy

Minotaur is a boss in the game Tower of Fantasy, for the first time found in Ruin B-02. The boss can also appear in other locations, such as Void Rift, with a different amount of HP. He can be very slow in most of his attacks, but he has several movements that are as fast as they are strong. Here’s how to find and defeat a minotaur at Tower of Fantasy.

where to find and defeat the minotaur at Tower of Fantasy


The first meeting with Minotaur will most likely be in ruin B-02 in bangs However, the boss can be found by making things such as faults of the abyss as well. The location of the ruins in Bandes can be found by looking at the map and finding large towers after interacting with the robot in the Omnium tower in Bangse or by research. A fight with Boss Minotaur may require players in good training. Break weapons, because it has a large shield in a single and in a network game. He can perform various attacks, such as:

Blow with a shield *-The Minotaur will jump, holding the shield, and perform an attack with a clap. This can happen in the middle of the combo.
Big blows *-attacks that will cover the area around it, swinging wildly. This will hit the players even behind the minotaur.

Charged ax *-Players may notice when the Minotaur is going to attack, since the boss looks gold before performing a powerful attack. A jerk back is a good way to activate imagination.
Six beats *-at a low level of health, the boss will stop performing double strokes and instead will perform a long combo. Parts of the combo apply an AOE-won, and it is best to avoid it, running away as far as possible.

Other techniques cause either single blows or significantly less damage. In close combat, the Minotaur is strong, but it is easy to dodge it, since most of its movements are well traced.

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How to find out if the weapon has good destruction in Tower of Fantasy

When viewing the characteristics of the weapon in Tower of Fantasy, players should pay attention to the two main characteristics. This break as well as accusation which show how much damage is caused shields and how quickly the weapon is gaining its Firing ability. Some weapons will work better than another, and this can be seen by clicking on weapons and choosing any weapon, the player must see how well it works in every category. AN C Rating is the best while C rating is the worst.

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