All Strand abilities will appear in Destiny 2 in LightFall

All Strand abilities will appear in Destiny 2 in LightFall


While the guards previously had access to four elements subclasses, including Arc, Solar, Void and Stasis, the expansion of Lightfall represents a new subclass: Strand. Strand is a psychic energy that controls the matrix connecting all living things and intelligence. It includes stretching the threads of matter and turning them into a weapon. With the release of LightFall, all Strand abilities will be available.

All threads in the LightFall Destiny 2 thread

all classes-hook for capture

With the help of the ability hook-cat, each class can attach to a point in space and go forward with a web. This point in space does not have to be an object; It can be even in the air. This ability can be used to move forward or rotation around the specified point. Although designers initially planned that this ability would be an exclusive hunter for the class, they decided to spread this ability to all classes.

Hunter Super-Rope Drout

With the help of the ability rope dart, hunters can use a weapon similar to whip to hit enemies at a distance. In close combat, hunters can also rotate with rope dart in a circle, causing damage to the closest enemies. This super makes hunters with a mortal threat at short and distant distances.

BLOCK SUPER-missile shelling

With the help of the ability to missile shelling, warlocks can cause homing shells that track enemies and explode when impact. After the explosion, Strand Missiles turn into shells of a different type, which cause additional damage after repeated monitoring of the enemy. This super is perfect for PVP assets due to the tracking function.

Titan Super-strands of claws

Thanks to the ability of Strand Claws, titans can turn their hands into claws, tearing opponents in close combat. They can also rotate by inflicting damage to the closest opponents with a dangerous attack in the region. With this soup, the titans can track their opponents, becoming a threat in close combat.

other abilities

In the video revealing Strand there are two inexplicable abilities, one of which is a ability similar to a grenade that captures enemies in the Strand thread. This ability is not mentioned by name, although it is visually shown in the trailer. This ability seems to immobilize enemies, causing damage while they hold on the spot.

Another ability that is hinted at is a blow to the earth, which most likely consumes the energy of close combat ability. This blow to the Earth resembles the ability of Shatterdive for the Stasis subclass, as well as the ability of QuickFall for the VOID subclass. Although the ability of Shatterdive is activated by the aspect of the STASIS subclass, the ability of QuickFall depleted the energy of near-battle. It seems to be an exclusive ability of a hunter.

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