The ranch management game Hakiwa Ranch Sheji Village was released in November with Nintendo Switch.
 Revival after 13 years

The ranch management game Hakiwa Ranch Sheji Village was released in November with Nintendo Switch. Revival after 13 years

Success announced Hakiwa Ranch Sheep Village on August 18. The compatible platform is Nintendo Switch and will be released on November 10. Both the package version and the download version are prepared, and the price is 4180 yen including tax.

The Sheep Village series is a ranch management game. While breeding animals, they work for gardening and hunting. Unlike the Ranch Story series, roll play elements such as going out of various places are thin, and ranch management is the main. It treats crops and animals as a product, accumulates assets by replacement, etc., and the story progresses and the ranch grows. The concept is different for each work, but the theme is basically the center of the ranch, and the theme is to manage the ranch.

Hakiwa Ranch Sheji Village, which will be released this time, is the third work of the Sheji Village series, and based on Welcome His Sheep Village Portable released on the PSP, the HD remastered version was transplanted with new elements. It will be. In the first place, Yogoji Village Portable is a transplant that adds elements to Yokoga Hitsuji Village released on PS2, so it can be said that the first generation released on PS2 will change its shape.


The Nintendo Switch version improves the resolution to 1280 x 720. UI and event scenes also support HD. Furthermore, by high-resolution, a ranch-to-double display mode that can display a ranch in the size of the original dot picture is added. The amount of information on the screen will increase and you will be able to work comfortably. The display method of the screen can be switched by R-stick operation.

In addition, Welcome Sheep Village Portable has a slightly smaller item holding frame from three to seven, making it comfortable. With the introduction of the selection cursor, you can freely choose the items you want to place. In addition, target markers are introduced in items arrangement. When placing items in the field, this marker can be used as a guide. It is possible to switch ON/OFF.

Since the original work was a little old, it seems that Hakiwa Ranch Sheji Village is also around the system. As mentioned above, the concept is different from the Ranch Story series, and the Sheep Village series has a strong puzzle element and has its own charm. Success seems to be trying to revival, as the request for new and transplantation has been strong for a long time. This is the first series work for console aircraft in about 13 years.

Hakiwa Ranch Hitsuji Village will be released on November 10 for Nintendo Switch.

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