Zenji is a lecturer, starting with esports education in Gyeonggi -do

The Gyeonggi Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as Kyungconjin) will run two 2022 Gyeonggi e-sports master tracks (Master Track) from the 16th.

The Master Track is an educational program in which Gyeonggi-do and Kyung-Konjin have signed an agreement with the global e-sports team, Zenji e-Sports (Zenji). Last year, 10 students worked in the e-sports field through the master track, and entered various fields, including job groups related to classes such as marketing.

The recruitment was held in three categories: General Course, Marketer Course, and Event Course, and recorded a overall competition rate of 2: 1. The second stage receives a program for 60 people until October 30. It consists of online lectures, individual and group projects, and seminars, and e-sports experts, including Zenji practitioners, participate as lecturers.

In addition, the company will be exploring overseas for excellent students to experience the global e-sports environment.

Lee Seung-hyun, deputy general manager of Zenji e-sports, said, Last year, about 25% of the master track students were employed in esports.

We are systematically fostering esports industry talents in cooperation with Zenji, the world’s e-sports team, said Kyung-Kon Jin.

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