Neowiz, Blockchain Gaming Platform Epic League investment

Neowiz, Blockchain Gaming Platform Epic League investment

Neowiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, Bae Tae-geun) announced on the 16th that it has invested in the Blockchain Gaming Platform Epic League.

In addition to Neowiz, Netmarble, Polygon Ventures, and Blockchain Technology Development Company Ogis participated as investors.

Epic League is a hub platform that connects blockchain games, communities and guilds. At the Netmarble and Line Studio, Kim Sung-jae, who has served as a technical director and producer such as ‘Raven’, ‘Marvel Future Revolution’, and ‘BTS Universe Story’, and the general manager of blockchain experts Lee Shin-hye business. Baek Young-hoon, former chief operating officer of Netmarble (COO) and Sandbox advisor and former Riot Games, former Creative Officer Thomas Vice, participates as an advisor. He is currently preparing three P2E games: Dark Throne, Space Monster, and T and Il Light Fantasy.

His first game, Dark Throne, is about to launch a global release in the third quarter. In the dark and dark fantasy world, Lee Ji-hyung, an artist of Marvel and DC Comics, as a ‘nuclear and slash’ action role-playing game (RPG) who kills various monsters with characters such as paladin, assassin, and demon hunter in the dark and dark fantasy world. Participated as a director.


In June, the company recorded a 67.8%return rate on the last day in the NFT holder in 29 countries around the world for seven days.

Neowiz plans to seek synergy to expand the ecosystem of its blockchain game platform ‘Intella X’, while also capturing business opportunities through continuous investment and strategic partnership.

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