Bros considers three options for The Flash with Ezra Miller

Warner. Bros considers three options for The Flash with Ezra Miller

Since actor Ezra Miller has been in the reflectors for negative reasons, he has been questioned a lot to Warner Bros. Around the plans he has with the actor regarding the character of Flash . And now, it is mentioned that the company is meditating between three options, and one of them includes the possibility of killing the character’s individual tape project.


The first action is that the actor seeks help for matters behind legal problems. Miller was arrested by purple raid this week and, according to the reports, his mother is now with him in Vermont . The actor should try to get advice and then give an interview explaining his erratic behavior. This before giving a press release with The Flash.

In the second Warner scenario I would still choose the movie. But, the star would not return with The Flash . In addition, there would not be a way that Miller is the hero of dc comics in the future. The last decision would involve the cancellation of the project. This may seem unthinkable, since a huge amount of money would be lost for carrying out the movement.

It is worth mentioning that this next to more films would not have a direct premiere to HBO Max as happened with other productions, so it will be almost mandatory to see it in cinema or wait many months to reach streaming. This is a new regulation that was announced a few days ago, this in order to bet everything for film works.

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