Pearl Abyss, 2Q sales of W94bn.
 2.8% increase from electricity

Pearl Abyss, 2Q sales of W94bn. 2.8% increase from electricity

Provided by Data-Pearl Abyss

Pearl Abyss (CEO Hur Jin-young) announced on the 11th that it recorded sales of 94 billion won, operating loss of W4.2bn, and net profit of W32bn in the second quarter of 2022.

2Q sales increased 6% YoY, but operating profit recorded a deficit, reflecting bonuses including employees Stock Grant.

The Black Desert finished the world’s direct service transition to South America in the second quarter. Since the change of service, sales have increased by 300% compared to the previous month and 750% of new users. Overseas sales accounted for 83%in 2Q, up 3%p from the previous quarter. By platform, PC 72%, mobile 21%, and console 7%sales.

Black Desert and Eve IP focused on operations and updates based on user communication in the second quarter. The Black Desert IP resumed the user event ‘Voice of Adventurus’ and ‘Heidel Banquet’ in two years. Eve also strengthened the community by facing the Eve Panfest 2022 in three years.

Pearl Abyss plans to continue new updates and offline events, starting with the release of the Black Desert ‘Dracania’ and ‘Season: Dragon Knight’. In addition, the company plans to focus on developing new works by enhancing work efficiency and collaboration by moving in Pearl Abyss Gwacheon New Building ‘Home Won’. The new building is a game development base that built a state-of-the-art facility with the goal of ‘the world’s best game’.

Cho Seok-woo, Pearl Abyss CFO, said, This year, we have completed the world’s direct service in South America for nine years after serving the Black Desert. I will go out.

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