Com2us Holdings Dragon Blaze, Third Impact Large Update

Com2us Holdings Dragon Blaze, Third Impact Large Update

Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 8th that it will launch a large-scale update of the global hit ‘Dragon Blaze’.

In this update, the new top grade, the third-level hero, will appear for the first time. Bana The Hades is a tanker position that attacks an enemy and improves the attack power of allies. ‘Brahma’ is a dealer position that attacks the entire enemy and increases the damage of the opponent.

The newly emerged third-impact heroes are expected to play a key role in the increase in power through high defense and damage as well as useful secondary skills.

Third Impact Heroes add a special feature called Pledge. Third Impact Heroes can make a pledge with two of the other first impact and second impact heroes to get additional levels up to the level of the heroes.


In addition, it can be equipped with Elgia’s Jewelry, which can show the ability to transcend other class heroes. The Transcendence System is applied to all heroes. Transcendence can be achieved up to five stages by using ‘Transcendence Card’, which can be obtained through ‘Summon’ and events.

In addition to the increase in the transcendence stage, the main stats can be gained by increasing the main stats, the increase in rune effects, the increase of Elgia equipment effect, and the increase in signature energy recovery.

In addition, the Sahara Kingdom, a new adventure area, is also held. The Sahara Kingdom is a country where the monarch Sheker rule with strict laws and powerful troops. It is interesting to keep the secret of the ancient relics, Ank.

In commemoration of the update, a rich event will be held. Until the 23rd of this month, the Hero Strengthening Goal Achievement Event will be held. Depending on the number of hero reinforcement, you can receive abundant rewards such as Ruby, Hero 9 Summon Stone, and Prime 9 Summon Stones.

The Bingo Event will be held until the 21st. If you complete the bingo board through the points obtained as a challenger dungeon reward, you can acquire ‘Ruby’ and ‘Essence of Transcendence’. In addition, there will be opportunities for all-time rewards such as ‘Third Impact Update Connection Compensation’, ‘New/Return User Connection Gifts and Special Event’, and ‘Special Attendance Event’, which can receive gifts.

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